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A tailor-made family photoshoot where you control every element

WhiteBOX photography experience

The WhiteBOX experience is designed to engage your whole family from start to finish. You control every element of the process:

1. Discovery Call

Book a phone call with us to discuss your session and find out if a WhiteBOX experience is right for your family

2. Creative Planning Session

This is where the fun begins… We will meet with you and your family in-person or over a Zoom call to plan your session. We will discuss your family’s shared interests and your individual hobbies and passions to make yours a totally unique experience. We’ll talk about props, accessories (we love balloons, streamers, confetti etc.), favourite toys, clothing options and anything else (including pets) that could be brought in the studio.

We will then map out loads of creative ideas to curate your personal sequence of WhiteBOXes. We usually aim to capture up to 30 unique WhiteBOX images that can be mapped together during your pre-shoot design session.

3. The Shoot

On the day of your shoot, you simply turn up, props in hand, and let us take care of the rest. Sessions usually last around 90 minutes, during which time, we will create multiple scenes that represent your unique family unit – from individual box sets to whole family “squeeze” shots – we guarantee a whole load of laughter along the way.

3. The Design & Purchasing Session

When your shoot is done, we’ll book a date into the diary to view your individual WhiteBOXes and design a composite sequence for your final wall art displays that showcase your unique family experience. Seeing your WhiteBOXes come together is a really magical experience that we know you will love. We’ll also discuss optional extras and finalise any purchases during this session.

You can find out more about our various print collections on our Investment page.